Azure Red Shirt Dev Tour London 2017

What a great event it was, great location Twickenham Stadium , great hospitality but what's more important great speaker(s),  Scott Guthrie vice president of the Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise Group as absolute star. He had about 25 demos for a day, that's what you call productive event, all session were packet with knowledge and useful tips and despite "using" Azure regularly I still learned a lot. Few points are worth to mention 

  • New Azure VM sizes are coming soon 
  • Cosmos DB  ( looks impressive and definitely need to try that ) 
  • Tips and tricks session was great . ( more coming soon ) 

Part two was run by community UK Azure User Group  some session were actually very interesting some let's say lacked a bit of "preparation" :) but still overall interesting. After 5 hours of solid work we have been invited for a few drinks and view of the pitch (pics bellow ).

The keynote and sessions are now available on Ch9 

Part 1: Azure Red Shirt Dev Tour London

Part 2: Azure Red Shirt Dev Tour London 

Part 3: Azure Red Shirt Dev Tour London


Azure Application Architecture Guide - must see ..

This post might be for some of you a bit boring , it will touch documentation :). I know everyone loves that subject, but on more serious note Azure documentation is actually very good and to prove that I'd like to point you to Azure Application Architecture Guide. It's great place to start if you want to work on (not only) Azure projects .

Documentation is divided into 3 sections  

  • Architecture styles - all from N-tier architecture  , microservices , event driven architecture etc.  
  • Technology choices pure essence of what to use when 
  • Design principles all you need to remember to make application scalable, resilient and manageable.


This is a good start also for any software architect to start new project and think about challenges upfront.  


Welcome Back

Ok, I’m back! Well I never stopped :). It's been more than two years since retired MindTheCloud blog. It was fun and I very much enjoyed blogging there. Due to many changes in my proffesional life I just quietly and unceremoniously let it fade away but I decided to go back to blogging.  Anyway enough — all this to say, I’m back and hopefully this is permanent. 

Blog Engine

Blog Engine has changed, I decided to try BlogEngine.NET hosted of course on Azure. Looks very promising it's open source , very flexible. Lets see how it will perform. 


Not much will change in terms of blog topics, Azure, Cloud, Dynamics 365 , IoT will dominate the blogroll . I hope to have some guest bloggers as well so stay tuned for a first real post.

Hope you will enjoy it!